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    DJ, Producer, Eventmanager, Network-Engineer,

    Label Manager

    DJ since 2005

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DJ Zeyhan aka Alex Vasiljevic was born in 1981 in Munich. After playing bass in a local underground punk band for a short time, he got in touch with Afro-Cosmic music in 1996.

He quickly became infected by the "Afro Virus" and spent his free time going to parties and festivals in Germany, Austria and Italy - the home of the cosmic sound.
It was in 2006 when the young music enthusiast started his career as an Afro DJ. Inspired by DJs like Daniele Baldelli, Beppe Loda and DJ Ebreo, among others,

he developed his own style, adding modern styles and sounds to his repertory without losing the connection to his roots in Afro-Cosmic music.
This awareness of the basic principles of Cosmic combined with his eclectic sound selection is what makes his sets diverse and varied. Afro, Funky, Disco but also Electronic

and Worldmusic are styles that can be found in his set, which is never bland, always fixed on the dancefloor.
DJ Zeyhan spent four years playing as a resident in the legendary Munich based club "Die Bank" from 2007-2011, offering his eclectic sound under the label "The Real Cosmic Trip".

Over the past years he also played many gigs at festivals and many clubs in and around Munich, and even some guest performances around Europe.
DJ Zeyhan also holds his own partylabel, named Beatz for Freakz, which he used to organize his own parties in and around Munich since 2007.
Additionally, he discovered the art of producing music, releasing the first in 2010 on his own label, Beatz for Freakz Recordings.
Since the label's conception, he released a few tracks in collaboration with various Munich based musicians, a loose collective called Cosmic Orchestra.
Starting in 2011, he teamed up with his friend and co-musician Vaan, whom he has been producing tracks with since then. Apart from that, he's also been busy producing tracks and remixes

for labels like Disco Volante, Los Grandes and for his own Artists signed on Beatz for Freakz Recordings.


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Electro, Goa, Techhouse

DJ Zeyhan has played @

K41 Munich, Kiki Istanbul, Abseits Freising, Labor Munich, Galaxy(Z6) Innsbruck, AK1 Munich, Orangehouse Munich,

Livestage Innsbruck, Brik Munich, Sunrise Lounge Munich, Miri’s Kassel, Die Bank Munich, Percha Festival Starnberg,

Bunker Munich, Station 2 Munich, Forest Blumenau, Titty Twister Innsbruck, X-Cess Munich, Sonder-Bar Munich,

Bauhof Thalkirchen Munich, Babalu Munich, Lebenslust Munich, Chilla Villa Walchsee Tirol, Forest Starnberg,

Forest Gräfelfing, Stustaculum Festival Munich, Rotes Haus Munich, Café am Hochhaus Munich, Provisorium Munich,

Este Bar Munich, Forstenrieder Park Munich, KPPM Allach, Corso Leopold Streetfestival Munich, Pimpernel Munich,

Rock Box Munich, Kulturspektakel Gauting...

Resident @ Die Bank Munich 2007 - 2011

Resident @ Café am Hochhaus (together with DJ Enne) Munich 2009

Owner of Beatz for Freakz Recordings

DJ Zeyhan has played with:

Daniele Baldelli, DJ Enne, Yaniv Tal, DJ Stefan Egger, Rayko, DJ Venus, DJ Bogi, Tebo, Bonghi, Mike, Sito, Benni, Raiz,

Ralf Brand, Gobo DJ, Dr. Gonzo, DJ Pako, DJ Churchy, Madeira, Epileptic Rootz, DJ Gotori, Kommissar Keller, Garbfunkula,

Da Feia, Henric, Suendesizer, Mandara, Ben, Hoppa, Techtrix, X-Ray, TIM o.S., Bubkomisch, DJ Ayko, Polar, Schetthouse, Baila


Midnight Dream (DJ Zeyhan & Cosmic Orchestra)
Funky Kiss from Goa (DJ Zeyhan & Cosmic Orchestra)

Zeyhan Press 2 Another Funky Kiss (DJ Zeyhan & Cosmic Orchestra)
Electric Man (DJ Zeyhan & Cosmic Orchestra)
Welcome (DJ Zeyhan feat. Vaan)
Ethno Fever - feat. Nejma & Doc Fisk (DJ Zeyhan and Vaan)
Infected (DJ Zeyhan and Vaan)
When the Night begins (DJ Zeyhan and Vaan)
I like it - feat. Nejma (DJ Zeyhan and Vaan)
Disco Bomb (DJ Zeyhan and VaanCarla
Funk your Ass!
My Trip (DJ Zeyhan & Vaan)
Funk Blood (DJ Zeyhan & Vaan)
Freak me out
Baby Girl (DJ Zeyhan & Vaan)
Dreams (DJ Zeyhan & Vaan)
Gi'mme Funk (DJ Zeyhan and Vaan)
Spaceball (DJ Zeyhan and Vaan)
Afrosphere (DJ Zeyhan and Vaan)
Weg! - feat. Nejma (DJ Zeyhan & Cosmic Orchestra)
Ma Tete
Smile Funk
Big City Vibes - feat. Nejma
Gravity - Tribute to Robert Miles
Electric Elements

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Fisherman's Journey (Original by Pakobeatz)
Neck Horse Nebula (Original by Jolly Roger)
Cosmic (Original by Technological Fallout)
Zenith (Original by Eclectic Sound)
Total recall (Original by Paris)
Homeless (Original by Discolog)
When we're back on Venus (Original by Semi Functional)
Strange Skies (Original by Semi Functional)
Sunrise in Karelia (Original by Anton Romezz)
I don't know (Original by Casual Encounters & O'Dahl)
Silver Copy (Original by Tape Warm)
Kontaani (Original by DJ Zeyhan & Cosmic Orchestra)
Feel the Melody (Original by Nicolas Grey)
Megalopolis (Original by Cloned in Vatican Vs Semi Functional)
Dancing Around the Apple (Original by Anton Romezz)

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